Our Personnel

Our Personnel


Kim Soon Lee’s staffs total 280 to date. They are divided into a few broad departments namely ; Operations, Marketing and Sales, Finance and Human Resource and Warehousing.

Our Operations and Sales Personnels are contactable round the clock, seven days a week. As for drivers, there are night shift personnels on standby daily as well as on Sundays and Holidays. Such arrangements ensure that timely or last minute job requirements can be fulfilled. 

Our workshop department is also contactable round the clock. Normal servicing and repair of vehicles take place daily from 7am till 7pm including Sundays and Holidays. After this timing, a team of mechanics is on standby to take care of any vehicle breakdowns or handle emergency situations – a very possible occurrence considering the large fleet of vehicle Kim Soon Lee possess.

Our Finance and Human Resource department is opened during normal office hours only.


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