Leasing Heavy Equipment

Leasing Heavy Equipment

We provide a wide range of leasing heavy equipment services such as rental of forklift ( ranging from 3 tonne to 24 tonne ), reach stacker, self-propelled telescopic boom lift such as Genie S-80 as well as scissors lift.

1.5ton-reach-truck1.5 tonne reach truck

3-ton-battery-operated-forklift3 tonne battery operated forklift

3ton diesel forklift3 tonne diesel forklift

4ton-forklift4 tonne forklift

5 ton forklift5 tonne forklift

fl_6_pic16 tonne forklift

6-ton-forklift7 tonne forklift

12ton forklift12 tonne forklift

15ton forklift15 tonne forklift

16 tonne forklift

24 tonne forklift

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