Air Suspension Transportation

Air Suspension Transportation

For the transportation of cargoes sensitive to shocks and vibrations, we have a fleet of Air-Suspension Trucks that can cater to such needs.

All Trucks in this category are fitted with Europe – Approved Shock Absorbers and Axles, able to cushion vibrations that can otherwise negatively impact the functioning of these cargoes while the vehicle is in motion.

Our Air Suspension Trucks comes in 6 main types :

1. 29ft long Lorry with Tailgate – Suitable for all general cargoes.20151013_131520a

2. 40ft long Flatbed Trailer – Suitable for all general cargoes.

3. 40ft long Lowloader Trailer – For overheight cargoes of not more than 3.5 metres in height.air suspension lowbed trailer

4. 11ft wide U – Bed Trailer – Specially manufactured to cater to bulky and unusually high cargoes. It can take cargoes of up to 3.8 metres in height without requiring police escort.

5. 40ft long Flatbed Trailer with High Cube container mounted on it – Most suited for cargoes that are not water resistant.

6. 40ft long Temperature Controlled Container – Specially for temperature and climate sensitive cargoes.

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